Brandon is a rp name used as all the charecters name by the one rper , so far there is the rp 2 brandon , scp foundation 3846 brandon, the crime city brandon , the radiation road brandon , the clock work brandon , and the royal brandon, the royal brandon offers the inly exceptiin as he changed his name to shedoshi, the charecter is most usually ascoiciated with werepyres, either being one himself or adopted by them , tge few examples where he is nkt is radiation road, and royals. He is also associated with a multiweopon if sorts with the exceptiin of crime city

Personality Edit

His personality can range in varios ways, but his charecter has always regreted something he has done somewhere along his past . Ex. In the rp 2 he greatly regrets all he has murdered when entered underworldian rage , and also some of what hes done in the werepyre and werehunter war.he also usually has a caring and gentle side ,and a very protective side aiding him in his royal gaurd positiin in royals. While a trade mark that is in the grandon charecter to indicate anger is the eyes redening.all oh hid charecters also have automatonaphobia and hates centipedes

description Edit

His characters looks also vary greatly .each one having a diffrent outfit . But hairstyle and eye design always have stayed the same , color has changed significantly though. When it comes to jacket, coats, etc he only really wears a leather jacket, trench coat, or a hoodie.he always wears tennisshoes unless for a formal occasion then whe will wear comfortable dress shoes.he alsways has his weopon holstered yo his right side and second weopon holstered to his left . He never holsters somethkng on his back.all cbarecters have a shell necklace on them whether they are wearing it or it is a tattoe

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