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crime city is a furturistic rp in which the city of detroit was left to rot by the us government 30 years ago , over time factions have formed and each one has a diffrent strength to them that they rely on, there is also futuristic weoponry and genetic engineering done on humans , this is a none magic rp Edit
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Storyline Edit

It started when the charecter brandon meets the charecter jupiter and reveals he is a gun for higher . She highers brandon and brings him to the sky scraper.where he somewhat antogonizes the leader of the reaper faction. It eventual leads to the job the charecter brandon was paid to do with the varios others. After destroying the weopon depot. Brandon decided to go play some black jack at the casino and thus winning 2 billiin dollars, atracting the attention of the enemy fac known as the taurus faction.they attacked using juggernaut suits and laser

sharks 3000 , a version created by jupiter .the battle climaxes when the reaper leader snaps and his people fight off the taurus faction and the casino explodes. After wards he meets a female by the name of alexis , whixh he starts attempting to make a relationship with.after brandon realized his guns where inerficent and him and jupiter made new ones ,a new charecter appeared and back story was revealed from both as being test subjects . Brandons mutated form appears as "the wolf" and then battles clancy and ends up absorbjng most of the citys dwindling electricity and gets teleported to india where he explodes it , brandon eventuall locks himself in a quantum dimensikn lock . Then later breaks out again

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